Synthetic Silviculture: Multi-scale Modeling of Plant Ecosystems

Creating geometry for large scale Ecosystems in Houdini to create photorealistic ecosystem images Jul 2019

Partical fluidsimulation based on double density relaxation

The simulation is based on a double density relaxation scheme to model the pressure gradient. As it borrows ideas from position based dynamics solid and viscoelastic objects and the interaction between them could easily be integrated into the simulation. Sep 2017

A simple Game

In the game the player controls a marble which he has to navigate through a obstacle course. The Game was written entirely in C++ using openGL features like textures, normal Maps and HDR-tone-mapping. A custom export script allows the scene-segments to be modeled in the blender-editor and then to be loaded into the game. Running on both Windows and Linux Sep 2016

L-Systems a simple Tree

Data Oriented Design

Short Essay on Data Oriented Design focusing on CPU-Cache utilization. Furthermore some downsides of the most eminent and thought programming paradigm Object-Oriented-Programming are investigated Feb 2016