Inference speed of large language models on different hardware

Surprisingly the computational capabilities are almost irrelevant for inference of large language models. In fact the only thing that seems to measure is the memory bandwidth. Apr 2024

Using clib in ZIG for a simple socket HTTP Server

Small review of zig language features. Feb 2024

Implementing kernalized regression from scratch in python

Implementing kernalized regression from scratch in python was more challening than anticipated. So i wrote a summary that explains the code. I also tried a different writing style and originally published this article on Mar 2021

Synthetic Silviculture: Multi-scale Modeling of Plant Ecosystems

Recreating realistic bokeh by biasing lens-sample positions

Ex 6.4: Unlike real lenses most ray-tracer only consider a perfectly disk-shaped circle of confusion. However the distorted circle of confusion known as bokeh is a key element in many photographs. As such i present a method which approximates this distortion in the pbtr-system Mar 2018

Partical fluidsimulation based on double density relaxation

The simulation is based on a double density relaxation scheme to model the pressure gradient. As it borrows ideas from position based dynamics solid and viscoelastic objects and the interaction between them could easily be integrated into the simulation. Sep 2017

Fast ray-AABB Intersection test

EX 4.9: Here i implemented the fast-AABB test proposed by Eisemann 07 and analyse it's impact on the performance of the pbrt-system. Jun 2017

A simple Game

In the game the player controls a marble which he has to navigate through a obstacle course. The Game was written entirely in C++ using openGL features like textures, normal Maps and HDR-tone-mapping. A custom export script allows the scene-segments to be modeled in the blender-editor and then to be loaded into the game. Running on both Windows and Linux Sep 2016

L-Systems a simple Tree

Data Oriented Design

Short Essay on Data Oriented Design focusing on CPU-Cache utilization. Furthermore some downsides of the most eminent and thought programming paradigm Object-Oriented-Programming are investigated Feb 2016